Today is the anniversary of James Potter and Sirius Black befriending each other on the Hogwarts Express and if that isn’t magical to you, you’re dead inside

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Shopping for clothes when you have big boobs is normally really annoying esp when you like drapey things or want something that cinches at the waist cause you always get stuff like this


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When you ask a nurse for pain killers at 4am and she comes back with ibuprofen and you take regular oral morphine throughout the day how do you say “that isn’t going to touch my pain” politely and in a way that doesn’t make you sound like a junkie?

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also kids shouldnt be scared of their parents. theres a difference between “im not gonna do this bad thing because i respect my parents and i dont want to disappoint them” and “im not gonna do this bad thing because im scared of what my parents will do to me if i do”

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